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Crystal Grid ClothASTROLOGY CHART ::: sacred geometry:::alter clothstone casting clothcrystal grid clothThis listing is for a one ASTROLOGY CHART crystal grid clothAll natural soft textile with reclaimed vegan inkThis combination is so soft and subtle to enhance the beauty and energy of the stones and crystals:::Great for DIY crystal gridsAstrology...

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Crystal Grid Cloth
ASTROLOGY CHART ::: sacred geometry
alter cloth
stone casting cloth
crystal grid cloth

This listing is for a one ASTROLOGY CHART crystal grid cloth
All natural soft textile with reclaimed vegan ink
This combination is so soft and subtle to enhance the beauty and energy of the stones and crystals


Great for DIY crystal grids
Astrology readings
Alter Cloth

Each cloth comes packaged with instructions/ guidelines perfectly ready for gift giving


:: 100% cotton
:: all natural textile
:: navy blue ink
:: hand printed sacred geometry ,all reclaimed inks
:: soft flour sack fabric


approx 24" x 20"
printed design approx 10" diameter


What is a Sacred Crystal Healing Grid?
A crystal grid is the placing of stones in a sacred geometric pattern based on a specific intent/purpose/goal. The formation of ley lines combined with specific arrangements of stones/crystals creates a very strong vortex of Life Force energy.

How does it work?
The energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern, and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal. The grids assist your energetic body/space in tuning your vibrational frequency to allow that which is your intention to physically manifest. When you are in vibrational alignment with your desires and intentions, deep healing & manifestation occur!

What you will need…
-Grid Cloth
-Center stone
-Surrounding stones
-Activation wand
-Location for your grid
-Write down your Affirmation/ intention

Set up Steps….
1. Place crystal grid cloth in your sacred space
2. Take slow deep breaths
3. State your affirmation/ intention
4. Set up the stones of your grid
5. Activate your grid
6. Listen to your intuition ,leave your grid set up for as long as it feels right
7. Experience the alignment of your intentions

Activate your grid…
1. Place your wand (crystal point) in your hand
2. Point your wand at the center stone of your grid
3. Starting from the center, move clockwise, drawing an invisible line energetically connecting each stone, while repeating your intention.

This product is for entertainment purposes only. Your experience is subject to your own personal interpretation. This information does not constitute medical, psychological, business, or financial advice. The customer is responsible for his or her own self

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